Trewax Gold Label High Gloss Sealer Wax Gallon 887171967

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Trewax Gold Label Sealer Wax provides trusted, Trewax quality in two separate finishes - Gloss - Superior quality with easy care. Self-polishing enhanced acrylic formula seals floors, providing a brilliant gloss, durable protection and long wear. Non-yellowing, scuff and stain resistant. For all vinyl, rubber, linoleum, and asphalt floors. Satin - (Formerly Non-Slip Wax Finish) Carnauba-based, exclusive formula with special additives to restore the original gloss after repeated mopping and wear. So durable, it is buffable for months. Recommended for vinyl, linoleum, rubber and tile floors. Satin is the buffiing wax of choice. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON WOOD FLOORS.