Collection: Fertilizers

We carry a variety of dry, liquid and soluble plant food, spikes and root feeders and lawn fertilizers with weed control from brands you know and trust like Bonide, Jobes, Ross, Espoma and many more.

Fertilizers are essential for crop cultivation and come in various classifications, which depends on their chemical compouds, origins, use and form. They work to improve soil fertility and can be used to increase crop yields.

Organic fertilizers are organically friendly and are composed of natural materials that will break down over time. The downside is that these fertilizers typically take longer to yield results, but they are more environmentally friendly. Jobes, Espoma and Dr. Earth are just a few brands that carry a line of oganic, environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Synthetic fertilizers are chemically processed and are easy to apply and come in either liquid or granular forms. They act much quicker than organic fertilizers, but they need to be applied more often and can be more harmful to the environment. Bonide is a well-known leader in this area but we carry a wide range of manufacturers of synthetic fertilizers.

Fertilizer spikes are another option. These spikes are driven into the ground and slowly release their nutrients over time as they decompose. They tend to last longer but treat smaller areas.

There are pluses and minuses to each option so selecting the best option for your purposes will be dependent on the type of plant, shrub or lawn you are treating and the amount of space you need to apply the fertilizer to. Always follow the manufacturer instructions to avoid over fertilizing and to prevent fertilizer burn.