TERRO Ant Killer Plus 3 Lbs T901-6

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TERRO Ant Killer Plus Kills ants, fire ants, cockroaches, fleas & other insects on contact. Use this product as a perimeter treatment around the foundation of your house to keep ants – including fire ants – cockroaches, fleas and other insects from entering your home. The powerful TERRO Ant Killer Plus granules kill pests on contact and provides residual control. TERRO Ant Killer Plus is packaged in a convenient, re-sealable shaker bag. Just open the top, grab the handle at the bottom of the bag, and start spreading the ant killer granules. No chemical spreader or broadcaster is needed. This product is ideal as part of a two-step ant control process. Use TERRO Ant Killer Plus granules in conjunction with TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits indoors to eliminate ants inside and prevent outdoor ants from re-infesting.