Scotts Turf Builder Mixed Sun or Shade Grass Seed 16 lb 18057

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Grow a stronger, greener, thicker lawn with Scotts Turf Builder Sun & Shade Mix. This blend of grass seeds offers the perfect combination of medium drought resistance and medium-high durability, and can thrive even in full sun and dense shade. Plus, it's packed with Root-Building Nutrition to help establish deep roots and create a healthy growth foundation for your lawn.  We recommend using a Scotts spreader to apply this product (please refer to spreader settings on product label). Water daily or as needed to keep the soil surface moist until the seedlings reach at least 2 inches tall. One 16 lb. bag of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix has a new lawn coverage of 2,130 sq. ft. and an overseeding coverage of 6,400 sq. ft.

Grass Type: Mixed Exposure: Sun or Shade Product Type: Grass Seed Container Size: 16 lb Packaging Type: Bagged Coverage Area: 6400 sq ft Region: All Regions Size of Lawn: Medium (4000 - 9999 sq ft) Heat Tolerant: No Lawn Project: New Lawn/Overseading Application Season: Multi Season Seed Type: Grass Fertilizer Analysis: 4-0-0