Perfect Aire 1500 sq ft 22 pt Flat Panel Dehumidifier 3PFD22

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Experience the perfect dry air in your home with Perfect Aire's Energy Star-rated dehumidifier! From 1,500 sq ft of space, this 22-pint powerhouse easily and efficiently removes excess moisture from your air while the adjustable humidistat and comfort option self-regulates to your ideal humidity level. Monitor the bucket with the water-level window or install direct-to-drain for hassle-free operation. Enjoy the relief of maximum comfort and allergen-free air!

Coverage Area: 1500 sq ft Capacity: 22 pt Product Type: Flat Panel Dehumidifier UL Listed: Yes Minimum Relative Humidity: 35 percent Washable Air Filter: Yes Automatic Delay Shutoff: Yes Maximum Relative Humidity: 85 percent Color: Silver Height: 21 in. Width: 17 in. Depth: 12 in. Warranty: 1 year Perfect Aire 22-Pint, 1,500 Sq. Ft. ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier With Continuous Drainage Option, Ultra-Quiet Operation - Ideal for Small Rooms & Basements