Maverick XR-50 Digital BBQ and Smoker Thermometer with Remote

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The XR-50 Remote BBQ and Smoker Thermometer offer's an easy way to remotely monitor your meat as it cooks on the BBQ or in the smoker. With a portable receiver so you can keep an eye on your food, even while you're away from the grill. The remote barbecue thermometer comes complete with four probes and the receiver has four separate readings with all information for each probe for monitoring four types of meat, four BBQs or two types of meat and two BBQs. Each probe also has the option to set High and Low alarms for accurate readings, no matter what you're cooking. The XR-50 wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor your food as it cooks on the BBQ or in the smoker from up to 500 feet away. A built-in alarm will alert you when any of the probes have met the determined temperature. Complete with new Insta-Sync Technology, this wireless BBQ thermometer features a faster connection, simpler user programming and reduced connection drops, so you can stop worrying about your meat and enjoy your meal.