Household Essentials Dryer Balls 2-Pack 197

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Household Essentials Dryer Balls unique design leave your clothes soft and static free, as well as make the process of doing laundry more economical. Dryer balls are 2.7 in. (6.9 cm) in diameter and have rubber spikes on their surface. When placed in the dryer among the wet laundry the dryer balls help to lift and separate the clothes reducing static and drying time as well as leaving the clothes soft and fluffy. Dryer balls work by improving the circulation of heat and air through the wet items. This wonderful dryer accessory helps your clothes become fluffy as they take less time to dry. By cutting down drying time, it allows you to do more laundry in less time. Easy to use and Reusable, this chemical and allergy free solution to drying is a must have.