Greenscapes 21 ft. L X 7 ft. W Garden Netting 46639

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Protect your garden from pesky wildlife with Greenscapes Garden Netting. It is strong, yet easy to install and can be reused for multiple seasons. The 21 ft. L X 7 ft. W Garden Netting is perfect for safeguarding your plants and shrubs.

  • Length: 21 ft.
  • Width: 7 ft.
  • Product Type: Garden Netting
  • Color: Black
  • Application Method: Cover
  • Material: Polypropylene

Garden netting is a fencing system designed to protect your plants, trees, and animals from pests, wind, and predators. The strong yet lightweight net also provides support for your garden or creates boundaries in your yard. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your garden is safe.

Garden netting is a versatile solution can protect and support plants in a variety of ways. This netting can be used to shield plants from pests, prevent weather damage, block weeds, and create vertical gardens. It can also be used to support crawling plants and to hide an irrigation system. Garden netting is a great tool for building cages for vining plants.