General Tools 751016 16-In-1 Screwdriver

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The General Tools 16-In-1 Screwdriver is ideal for hobbyists/DIYers, technicians, mechanics, jewelers, watchmakers, instrument makers, subminiature parts assemblers and model makers. Unique design, with two drivers in one handle. Zinc-plated hardened alloy steel jewelers and full-size blades are held in a carrier which fits snugly in handle. Blade types/sizes: PH0 + PH000 Phillips; PH0000 Phillips + 3/64 in. slotted; 1/8 in. + 5/64 in. slotted, 0.050 + 1/16 in. and 5/64 + 3/32 in. hex; T5 + T8 and T6 + T10 Torx; #0 + #1 square recess. Includes: Handle and eight double-ended blades.