General Tools 5B 6" Max Circle Cutter

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Make precision circles in a variety of materials with the General Tools 5B 6" Max Circle Cutter. Its adjustable high-speed steel cutting blade accommodates the thickness of your material and features a replaceable cutting blade and pilot drill. It creates circles from 1 to 6 inches in diameter with a maximum 500 RPM speed, and all adjustments are made with an included hex wrench. Ideal for clock faces, toy wheels, birdhouses, and more, this handy tool is great for woodworkers, model builders, and hobbyists.

  • ADJUSTABLE- Creates circles from 1" to 6" (25mm to 152mm) in diameter
  • CUTS- Produces precision holes in sheet metal, brass, copper, soft steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and composite materials
  • SHANK- 3/8”round for use with a drill press only (maximum safe speed is 500 RPM)
  • DURABLE- The high-speed steel cutting blade adjusts to accommodate the thickness of your material
  • INCLUDES- All diameter adjustments are made with the included hex wrench
  • Diameter range: 1 to 6 in.
  • Shank size/shape: 3/8 in./round
  • #4/5 Blade
  • #5/6/55 Drill (1/4 in. pilot drill bit)
  • Hex wrench