General Tools 29 ANGLE-IZER Plastic Protractor

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Make measuring and marking angles easy with the General Tools #29 ANGLE-IZER Plastic Protractor. This multi-use tool is ideal for construction, cabinet-making and other fine carpentry jobs in tight spaces. Measure and mark inside, outside, and sloped angles with ease.  It's composed of four pieces with fine black gradations from 0° to 165° both ways and a brass lock nut.

  • INSIDE, OUTSIDE AND SLOPED ANGLES - this plastic protractor/angle finder measures inside, outside and slope angles.
  • FOUR PIECE STURDY DESIGN – with brass lock nut
  • TRANSFER ANGLES – with this plastic protractor, you can transfer odd angles to your miter saw
  • FINE BLACK GRADUATIONS – from 0° to 180° in opposite directions
  • VARIOUS PROJECTS – protractor/angle finder is ideal for construction jobs, cabinet-making and fine carpentry, where a standard protractor or t-bevel won't fit