General Tools 16ME Multi-Use Rule & Gage

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The General Tools 16ME Multi-Use Rule & Gage is the perfect multi-purpose tool for any job. Its heavy-duty stainless-steel construction ensures lasting durability and reliability while its five features--Drill Point Gauge, Bevel Protractor, Center Finder, Circle Divider, and Tap and Drill Table--allow for fast, efficient completion of a variety of tasks. Get the job done right with the Multi-Use Rule & Gage.

  • DRILL POINT GAUGE- Checks 59 angle drill points
  • BEVEL PROTRACTOR- Measures and lays out angles
  • CENTER FINDER- Locates centers of shafts or circles
  • CIRCLE DIVIDER- (up to nine equal parts) is used for dividing circles into sectors, regular polygons and polygrams
  • TAP & DRILL TABLE- Correlates popular top sizes with correct drill sizes for national form of thread
  • Rule length: 4 in.