Gardner Bender SPST Mini Rocker Switch GSW-48

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Gardner Bender illuminated mini rocker switches feature a rectangular shape with a red full face that gently glows from an incandescent bulb when switch is actuated to the onposition. Each miniature rocker switch is great for various auto, marine and industrial applications, such as lighting panels, industrial controls, and van conversions. No matter what the application, these rocker switches can be a great solution for a professional look and quality performance. To clearly indicate the actuation of an application, try an illuminated rocker switch. If an application requires only momentary actuation, try a momentary rocker switch. Along with our standard line of rockers. Miniature rocker switch that fits .520 X .776 panel cutouts. Specifications: 13A125 V AC, A/250 V AC, 1/2 HP 125 - 250 V AC; 75 Degrees Celsius Max. temp rating