Gardner Bender GCM-500 Analog Clamp Meter

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The Gardner Bender GCM-500 Analog Clamp Meter is a 4-function, 8-range manual-ranging tester specifically designed to measure AC current (up to 600A) and ACDC voltage (up to 600-60V) with resistance (up to 1000 ohms). Uniquely, the 1.5-inch jaw size offers the clamp-on feature, allowing measurements from live conductors without contact. Ideal for any professional, the GCM-500 includes a lockjaw feature, 8-position smooth rotary dial, zero ohms adjustment dial, and data hold switch for easy-to-read measurements.

Tester provides a 3ft drop and 150 Lb crush rating as well as a one-year manufacturer warranty and includes both test leads and operating instructions in the package.