Gardner Bender Closed-End Pigtail Crimp Connector White 10-Pack 20-090

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Closed end connectors are ideal for making a simple connection of two or more wires to create a pigtail connection. The pigtail connector is a closed end, crimp on wire connector used to secure electrical connection points. The proper installation method is to connect the wires together first, and then add a pigtail connector and crimp tight to provide a safe, secure and stable connection particularly in applications subject to vibration. Designed to be used with both solid and stranded wire these closed end connectors feature a tin-plated seamless copper sleeve with translucent nylon insulation. Connector rated for #22 - #10 AWG applications up to 300V with a Min: 3 - #18 and Max: 1 #10 w/ 1 #20. UL listed in US and Canada and CSA Certified.