Gardner Bender CATV F Coaxial Cable Cutter and Stripper SE-398

SKU: 3012127
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This compact and easy to use coaxial cutter and stripper adjusts easily to various cable thickness. Desgined with a reversible V-block for different cables; RG-6 = 6, RG-58 = 8, RG-59 = 9 and RG-174 = D. This tool will both cut and strip the cable. Simply choose the correct cable size, adjust the blade depth, and then insert the cable until it reaches the guide and rotate 1 - 4 times. Pull the tool straight out to remove the insulation. Designed with quick 1 squeeze cutting and measuring only 6.25 inches long for compact storage. Comfortable in the hand and easily stored you'll be happy to have this tool on hand for all your coax installation needs.