Gardner Bender 100 Piece Terminal and Crimping Tool Kit GK-35

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This kit is a great general purpose use kit for around the home, garage and workshop. It includes a multi-use stripper and crimper hand tool. The kit also includes an assortment of our most popular wire terminals and splices, all secured in a handy plastic case. Kit contains: 6 function multi-tool, Red 22-18 AWG terminals (5 butt, 4 male disconnects, 4 female disconnects, 3 spade), Blue 16-14 AWG terminals (5 butt, 3 male disconnects, 3 female disconnects, 3 ring), Yellow 12-10 AWG terminals (3 ring, 2 spade), 2 blue 16-14 AWG tap splices, 5 eight inch cable ties, 50 four inch cable ties, 5 Grey 22-16 AWG twist-on connectors, 2 Yellow 18-10 AWG twist-on connectors