Forney Sil-Flo Brazing Rod, 1/8" X 20" - 1-2 Lbs 48571

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Super Sil-Flo brazing rod: A brazing alloy that is ideal for large and small copper tubing installations. Self-fluxing on copper. Typical applications include: Refrigeration control valves (copper and brass), joining copper wires to rotor bars, electrical connections, radiant heating systems, air conditioning units, hot and cold water lines, and heat exchanges. T-joints, swage joints and sleeves, couplings on return bends and condenser fittings. Sil-Flo is not recommended for ferrous metals such as iron or steel. It is only for copper base metals as an effective economical alternative to copper-silver alloy rods. Tensile Strength: 40,000 PSI Melting Point: 1,200° F (649° C) Copper: 92% Phosphorus: 7.5%