ETI 8.5 Inch TwistFit White Switch LED Bulkhead Light 504081020

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ETi SSL's TwistFit Marine Bulkheads are versatile and durable. Built tough to withstand the harshest weather conditions, The lens is made of frosted glass with a metal grid. The polycarbonate base is rust and corrosion resistant. The bulkhead series is equipped with our Color Preference Technology for color temperature selection at install. All ETi SSL products are engineered using the latest innovative LED technologies to help provide the perfect mix of modern design, performance, world class quality and product reliability, all at a superior value to the designer, specifier, contractor and end-user. The Marine Bulkhead series is Energy Star rated and delivers 917 lumens of uniform ambient illumination. Installation is quick and easy and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Fixture is rated to operate reliably from -40 deg. C (-40 deg. F) and in high ambient 45 deg. C (113 deg. F) applications. These Marine Bulkheads provide long-lasting maintenance free operation thanks to its reported 92.36% lumen maintenance at 54,000 hours and projected L70 at 238,000 hours. Ideal residential and commercial applications include, but are not limited to entryways, porches, decks, docks, or walkways.