EcoSmart 3500 W Tankless Electric Water Heater POU-4T

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The EcoSmart Point Of Use 3.5kW Water Heater is ideal for hand washing applications, and great in places like bathrooms, wet bars, strip malls, doctor’s offices, boats, recreational vehicles (RV). The POU 3.5 is a true point-of-use model. It has a slightly less heating capacity than the POU 6. It has a maximum flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) and includes a 0.5 gpm sink aerator. In mid-level climates, this unit can heat half a sink, but in warm climates, it can heat a sink and a half. Use the EcoSmart interactive sizing guide to find out which model is ideal for you. Digital display that shows output temperature. Copper and stainless steel components designed for efficiency, durability and easy replacement. Compact Size.