Broan 157 Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater Aluminum 1250 Watts

SKU: 3714268
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Fan-forced ceiling heater disperses heat evenly from a unit that extends only 2-3/4 inches from the ceiling. Satin-finish aluminum grille and a low-profile housing will complement any décor. Enclosed, metal sheathed element delivers 1250 Watts of instant heat with no waiting time. A permanently lubricated motor, automatic overheat protection, and UL listing ensures reliable, safe operation. Mounts easily to any standard 3-1/2 or 4 inch round, or 4 inch octagonal ceiling electrical box providing versatile choices for installation. It is recommended that heater operation is controlled with a choice of Broan wall controls, available separately. Ceiling heaters are intended to provide supplemental heat and not to take the place the main heat source of the home.