Barton Kramer 444W White-Plated Patio Door Lock

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Secure your patio doors with the Barton Kramer 444W Patio Door Lock. This sleek white-plated lock is designed with a strong upward locking mechanism and night latch for added defense. Comes with all the necessary screws and a keeper for easy installation. Enjoy peace of mind with reliable security.

Maximum Door Thickness 1.125 in.
Depth 1.125 in.
Height 6.625 in.
Width 1 in.
Minimum Door Thickness 1 in.
Weight 0.50 lb.
Material Zinc
Finish White

For Assembly to Door

  1. Place interior pull in rail by rotating cam latch toward cut-out.
  2. Place exterior pull in rail.
  3. Place handle pull on interior pull.
  4. Secure entire assembly with 2 No. 10.32 machine screws.
  5. Align keeper in jamb, allowing 1/16 clearance between bottom of keeper and cut-out. Fasten securely with 2 sheet metal screws.