Barton Kramer 3/4 In. Patio Door Security Latch White 10365C

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Secure your patio door with the Barton Kramer 3/4 In. Patio Door Security Latch. Featuring a J style hook, white finish and 3/4 in. shackle for narrow mounting, this security latch is approved for hotels and residential units and designed to fit most sliding doors.

Depth 0.75 in.
Height 4 in.
Width 2.25 in.
Material Steel

  1. Drill 1/8″ hole in door or jamb for screws.
  2. Install handle with attached casting first. Handle may be placed on either door or jamb.
  3. Make sure glass from door does not extend beyond casting before drilling holes for screws.
  4. Lift handle up and away from receiving casting prior to installation to insure handle has ample clearance when in the open position. Both castings should be at the same height.
  5. Always have latch in locked or in closed position when mounting to insure proper installation.