Amerimax 2 in. H X 3 in. W X 7.5 in. L White Vinyl Gutter Elbow 37084

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Create dramatic outdoor upgrades with Amerimax's White Vinyl Gutter Elbow. This durable elbow is designed to defy the elements, making it a permanent addition to your home no matter the weather. Enhance your home with a sleek, white design that stands the test of time. Transform your home now with Amerimax!

The Amerimax Home Products Downspout Flex Elbow features a flexible design that easily bends and holds its shape. This versatile, white elbow can be used to make 2 A or B elbows and can be extended from 8 - 18 in. to fit your needs. Use this elbow to connect the gutter or drainpipe to the downspout and direct runoff away from your home.