AGS CY-1 White Lithium Crayon Grease Stick

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Protect your vehicle from wear and tear with AGS CY-1 White Lithium Crayon Grease Stick. Its superior performance makes it a reliable lubricant in all weather and temperatures, while providing excellent water and heat resistance, corrosion protection and film strength. Keep your car running smoother, longer with Lith-ease!

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Gear Shift Mechanisms, Steering Linkages, Hood, Door and Trunk Hinges, Hood and Trunk Latches, Distributor Cams, Window Regulators, Ash Tray Guides, Seat Tracks, Farm Machinery, Home Appliances, Fans, Blowers, Sliding Screens, Bicycles, Fishing Reels, Lawn Mowers, Garage Door Rollers.