Mother Earth Subterra Root Booster Liquid All Plants Supplement Quart HGC733945

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Mother Earth Subterra Root Booster is a 0-1-1 liquid plant supplement designed for transplants and starts. It contains a unique blend of kelp, brewer’s yeast, and alfalfa meal to help plants establish vibrant, vigorous root systems. With this supplement, your plants will be able to seek out and absorb the nutrients they need to flourish. Suitable for use with all kinds of plants, soils, potting mixes, and fertilizers.

  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Plant Name: All Plants
  • Product Type: Plant Supplement
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Plant Type: Flowers/Plants/Vegetables
  • Packaging Type: Jug
  • Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 0-1-1
  • For Hydroponic Use: Yes
  • Dry Volume: 0.052 cu ft
  • Dim Weight: 0.651 in3/lbs.